Wednesday, August 26, 2009

been gone...but now i am back

got home from vacation yesterday
our house is quiet
no more company
no more niece (so sad)
today i hear
my husband working
the washing machine
the dryer
the dishwasher
kids playing
their friends laughing
today we went
to the doctor, papaya might have strep, boo-boo's finger is still infected and needs oral antibotics
around in circles, kind of like a dog, trying to make its bed comfortable again
to a birthday party, so much fun!
today i smell
laundry soap and cleaner
brave flowers who are still blooming
fall in the air
"cherry" from the decongestant bottle
supper on the barbeque whichs really needs attention!
glad to be home!


Aryssa said...

sounds like life is back in full swing! miss having you guys here!

Renee said...

welcome back! :)

Alison said...

Strep thoat is no fun, neither are infected fingers!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Welcome home!

When do you start school>

Kim's Kraziness said...

It is really weird to not do day to day life with you! Miss the "jabs" and especially your smile! Miss my little bundles of was so good to be with you all! Give sweet nieces a squishy. And their big boy cousins...miss them lots too!!

Christina said...

Sounds lovely. It seems like no matter how nice vacation is, it's always SO nice to get home. I hope your days of settling in progress smoothly.

stitching under oaks said...

Welcome back! Sounds like life is going full tilt for glad that your days have been full!

Stephanie said...

Glad you're back, hope you've had lots of fun!!!

crochetgurl said...

Welcome back. :-)

Well, it's actually going to be Ishbel. I'm trying to get ahead on my Christmas knitting, as I want something warm to wear when I go visit San Francisco. This is my first laceweight shawl, so I'm not sure how warm (or cool) it will be.