Friday, June 12, 2009

Naughty elves

This weekend Boo-boo is in a ballet recital at our local theatre
The recital showcases ballet, tap, jazz, modern and musical theatre
My daughter's group are naughty elves that splash paint around a painter's studio
The painter then tricks them by pouring glue into their paint tins,
and then their feet and hands get stuck
The audience was roaring with laughter tonight because two girls were wrestling over a paint tin! Apparently one of them had gone to the wrong mat and the other couldn't convince her to go back!
Luckily the tussle was over quickly and all ended well!
Hair and make-up done!
Looking at pictures of themselves!
Lining up to go on stage, Boo-boo is third from left
Foot stuck in glue! Oh no! Tomorrow it is all done! And this Mommy is glad!


Stephanie said...

What a reative dance performance and that sounded like a funny mishap! Love the costumes!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Dance recitals are such fun! Your little elf looks so cute. DId you make her costume? My daughter did dancing for 6 years:)

BTW Caster sugar is the same as superfine sugar.

rob said...

they all look so cute! i would have loved to see the tussle.

rob said...

oops. actually michele. signed in on rob's account.

raining sheep said...

Tee Hee! So so cute. You gotta love it when little ones dress up. I used to love attending my children's recitals when they were never knew what might come down during a play that was 'unrehearsed'.

Aryssa said...

awe! look at her! wish i could have been there to watch!

Christina said...

She is SO cute! It looks like the dance performance was charming, and your story about the little mishap got me chuckling.