Tuesday, June 9, 2009

project line-up

My daughter told me today that she couldn't vacuum my sewing room
because it was too crowded (she meant cluttered) and I am afraid that I am guilty as charged!
So, I went upstairs this evening for just a little bit to organize and claim some space back again. Here's some of the projects that are on the line up, in no specific order
First, here is what is evolving from the pile of yellow and green fabrics I pulled a while back. With all our hot weather, I haven't touched the sewing machine much at all lately. I prefer to grab the sun when I can because it might not last long!
Second, I have some a nice little stash of fat quarters from Kaffe Fassett that I want to do something with but I am not entirely sure what! Any ideas? Purse? (Sorry for the blur)
Third, Busgy wants to turn this, which is actually a nine patch, into a pillow or something for the top of her dresser
Fourth, the girls want to sew skirts (fabric on top that they picked)
to match the t-shirts underneath!
Fifth, I have a few beautiful balls of sock yarn that I would like to make into socks. Thinking that is on the burner for Christmas
P.S. Note to self: This list can change or self-destruct at a moment's notice pending other project interest!


Stephanie said...

Love the disclaimer on the bottom! Fabrics are pretty, andthe skirts for the girls will be neat, can't wait to see photos of them wearing their new skirts. Happy Sewing and knitting!

Christina said...

hehehe...sounds kinda like my project line up. I recently dropped everything to work on denim bibs. I love, love, love your yellow and green quilt! Were you using a specific pattern or were you just making it up as you went along? I'm hoping to see photos of the finished quilt someday.

stitching under oaks said...

It's always good to keep your options open! I like how you think...many projects give you lots of choices! They all sound great!

Kristyn Knits said...

I'd love to have a space large enough to make a big mess! looking forward to seeing your progress!

Kelly said...

What beautiful fabrics! I especially like the ones in the third photo down and I am excited to see what they will become - keep posting photos!

cathleen said...

I really enjoy seeing all your upcoming project plans. Sock yarn and fabrics!! Gorgeous! I love having lots of projects going on at once...that way I never get bored.

itsystitch said...

Ha! Nice disclaimer! I always skip around from one thing to another. It's a trademark habit of mine...

Rebekah said...

I love seeing these works in progress!

How about mixing some solids in with the Kaffe fabric and making some log cabin blocks into a quilt