Monday, February 21, 2011

button play

I had one package of button hanging around.
Think I won it as a door prize somewhere.
I also had a little time,
mixed with a little creative juice.
So Papaya and I decided to be a little creative.
We snipped the backs off the buttons so that they were flat.
Added some hot glue and a thumb tack.
 Presto!  Super cute, super easy, super fun push pins.
Super girly too...
Here's another way to make them.
About a month ago I made a dozen using brads, which you can find at scrapbook stores.
I just broke the back metal pieces off,
added glue
and a tack.
So much cuter than the regular push pin!


Christina said...

Very cute!

stitching under oaks said...

great idea! those would make great little gifts for friends. aren't you so clever! thanks for sharing.

t does wool said...

great idea all the way~!

raining sheep said...

That daisy button is my favorite. I can't believe those are buttons. I hope you are doing well. I have been so bad at getting to everyone's blog because all I do is write papers and work. Sigh. One more year to go. It's
-23C here today, so cold. I am desperately hoping it gets a bit better for the weekend because I want to go do a bit of cross country skiing on Sunday.

Kelly said...

Love these - so fun and creative!