Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the absent

that would be me!

life has taken different paths as of late
bends in the roads have kept me busy
not many moments to collect thoughts
or explain the moments

however i have been challenged
i have gone places
faced challenges i dreaded, maybe feared
pushed myself farther than i thought i could

one competition has lead to another and another
in 4-1/2 months i will be travelling half way around the world to compete
i worry
i get discouraged
i push
i train
i attempt my best

those moments keep me often busy
this family around me push me forward


Stephanie said...

Best of luck to all you do! Your competition sounds so exciting, where is it at?

stitching under oaks said...

I've been missing you darlene...but keep on training and pushing and wanting...(and keep us posted) You'll do wonderful at your competition and you'll be a stronger person no matter what the exact outcome! Go girl!!!

Meg said...

So glad you stopped by--and keep on doing all the great things you're doing! I'm rooting for you!