Saturday, July 11, 2009

gone away to camp

Today was the day that Bugsy went off to camp. We had been getting ready for it all week. Earlier in the week we went to the second hand store and bought her some t-shirts and jeans for the week. That way I don't have to worry about lost items and stained clothes. If something comes home unrepairable then it was only a buck or two.
She was all ready and packed last night. Tucked inside her sleeping bag is "blue fuzzy," her very special blanket from when she was born. I don't think nine is too old to have a few items of comfort from home!
This morning we headed off. We had a relaxed morning at home which she really wanted. We got to camp just a bit before the bus load of campers and were greeted by one of her counselors at our van. That was so cool, what a great way to ease them (and Mom) in!
Once we arrived and had dropped her bags she was a little apprehensive. Boo-boo on the other hand, having nothing to fear, ran ahead quite happily.
The playground did well to ease her nerves and give some time with her sisters,
Monkey number one,
and Monkey number two.
When they started group wide games, she went back to being quite reluctant. I almost had to push her out onto the field.
After a little bit, she forgot about her worries and started to get involved in the game. She even went to sit in the circle and cabin selection without me. She never even looked for me actually.
Then she ran to get her bags and took off with her counselor. Do you get the sense that there really is no looking back at this point? She wanted me to stay and see her cabin and I am glad that I did, but she was well on her way to being settled before I left.
Here's her cabin and home for the next five nights. She was right in there with the rest of the girls trying to get a good space in the cabin.
She claimed the bunk above the counselor she walked up with. Exactly what she wanted. Before she left a grandmother who was helping at camp introduced herself to us and then Bugsy to her granddaughter. She assured her she wasn't the only "first-timer" and that she would be watching out for her. Bless her soul! And with that I was gone....
I miss her already! Yes, she is busy, emotional and sometimes down right silly. But she is also the one who brings so much life to our home. It is so quiet with her gone.
But for her right now
This is the right place to be
And for now,
I need to wait to hear the rest of her story.


Louise said...

She'll have such a great time :) I remember I went on a horseriding camp when I was little and I just loved every minute of it!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a great experience for your daughter. I always wanted to go on a camp like that (not a tradition here in Australia) after watching the Parent Trap!

I think it is hardest on the parents. When my 14 year old son went on an interstate trip a couple of months ago where he didn't know anyone I was worried the whole week:) He came back more confident and self assured.

Laura said...

I loved camp so much! I worked at two different camps for many years (a Girl Scout camp and a Russian Language Camp) and I miss it every summer. I hope she has a great time!

Stephanie said...

Your daughter will have such a great time and many many stories to tell when you pick her up. How fun!!! This will be a wonderful experience for her.

Kim's Kraziness said...

"she is busy, emotional and sometimes down right silly. But she is also the one who brings so much life to our home. It is so quiet with her gone." You just described your beloved niece who will be with you very soon!!!! I am going to miss her like crazy also...but the welcome back will be absolutely delightful!!!!

stitching under oaks said...

I love how you really captured her reluctance and then her acceptance. I hope she's having a great time. (I'm sure she is!) I think the hardest part is on you mom.

Renee said...

She'll have a wonderful time. Don't they grow up and independant quickly?