Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our spring has come

we are a hopeful bunch here!
the snow has finally been gone for a little while
we are starting to see some new life in the garden
on the weekend i got out and gave my front garden a quick clean and raked the lawn
it felt so good to have sun on my face and not be wearing many layers of clothes
if you look close you can see some of my sprouts
yesterday it decided to start raining in the morning and didn't stop ALL day
it was unbelievable really! i was so glad it was rain and not snow!
then it rained some more
puddles started to form
fresh spring smell in the air...yay
and since it is raining and we are inside feeling so positively springy
papaya and i decided to plant some seeds, her is hoping they turn out well!
hope you are having a happy day!


Stephanie said...

So glad spring had sprung at your place! Looks like you've already begun to enjoy it. Have a great day, hopefully today will be a sunny one!

Christina said...

Rain is beautiful! I need to get my seed stuff out and start planting too!

stitching under oaks said...

Yeah! Happy Spring to you! Glad it finally arrived.

Renee said...

We've had a lot of rain too, spring should come soon!
You've got such a nice start to your plantings.
Happy gardening. :)