Saturday, March 28, 2009


today i was reading in galations for my devotions
to be absolutely truthful i find it hard to find time for my devotions
i could use alot of excuses such as i homeschool our kids, am the resident chauffer, we have our business and i do the books
but the real crux is that i don't make it important
i find time for so many temporary things
exercise, knitting, sewing, housework, etc
but i so often, too often, can't find the moment or the time to consistently find space for God
so i thought of the balance between the eternal and the temporary
what has greater value? why does the temporary push in loud and clear?
while the eternal gets lots in the busy?
thoughts, just thoughts
after i read my bible, i was reading another book that challenged
"patience is giving another grace when undeserved"
that really struck me because that is what God does for me everyday!
that is why even though i tend to get lost in the temporary
God still waits and calls me back to the eternal in so many ways
i know i don't live in the eternal and that i am placed on this earth, at this time
but i believe that we carry eternity in our hearts and that it can change how we go through everyday
thoughts, just thoughts


stitching under oaks said...

beautifully profound thoughts...thank you so much for sharing.

Kristyn Knits said...

love your thoughts.
I can so relate to the challenge of finding the time and the discipline!
I think He finds us even in the temporal and challenges us to come to him in the eternal moments.

Christina said...

Thank you! That was oh-so encouraging.