Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the undercover dutch girl goes green

so after being married for 13 years and making all the meals that go with it
i finally made my first pot of "stompot"
a friend gave me some kale and i thought why not try it
on a positive note, the girls raved about the meat, it was soft and tender
the rest of the meal went something like this
j said "this reminds me of...well, maybe i shouldn't say that, so let's just say it's not my favourite"
our three-year old is making gagging noises and asking for milk and water to drink
my wonderful husband asks "so is this a dutch dish? did your mom make it?"
and before i could answer
our quiet middle daughter pipes in and says "well that makes sense why it doesn't taste normal because we don't live in a dutch town"
and while I write this I have been informed that we have enough to last for the next 6 months
Oma and Opa you better come soon!


Kim's Kraziness said...

What the heck! That doesn't look like enough to feed Aryssa!!

Lena V said...

This is hilarous, it does look kinda watery,and it looks like it does not have enough kale.